Why Advertise on Facebook

Why would you want to advertise on Facebook? For starters there are 900 million people on facebook with 526 million daily active users.  That is a lot of people.  But of course you are not trying to communicate with all 900 million people. You only want to communicate with those who would have an interest in your product.  Facebook makes this possible in a way that is unique to online marketing.

Facebook knows a lot about you. You volunteer this information to be social, to communicate with friends and to follow your interests. Some of you have told it your marital status, where you went to school, how old you are and where you work.  These can all be used to market your product. Lets work on an example, myself.  Facebook knows that I have an interest in beer.  I’ve posted about beer. I like home brew shops, breweries and sites that talk about beer.  Other people want to sell products to people who have an interest in beer. Facebook makes this profiling possible. Let’s look at how we build this type of ad.

First we go to our facebook page and build an ad. You are presented with the ad builder screen. We start with a destination. We want to sell a product so we are directing them to a website. We are using a landing page. (More about landing pages in a future post.) Next, we type in our ad title and text and an optional image.
Now we start our profiling. Facebook has started the profiling by limiting our ad to the United States. You are free to remove that restriction or to add Canada or another country to it. You could also target a state, zip code or multiples of these locations.   Next we go for interests. For our fictional ad, we are looking to target home brewers. We type that in and of course Facebook has that as an interest.  This now limits our target to the 11080 . people Facebook believes have an interest in home brewing. We could add other interests, age etc as well.

We then select our budget for clicks. This is a bidding process. Other people want to get ads in front of these same people for a range of interests.  If every time these people go to a page and there are ads out there that have bid higher than our ad, we will not make it onto the page.   Facebook is suggesting 87 cents will get our ads on pages of home brewing fans in the US.  We should stick with this bid and monitor it to see how much it gets used.  We are only bidding on the clicks. We will also be able to monitor how many times it is displayed. 


We now have an ad that will run for a month. It will get in front of a large precentage of the 11080 Facebook users who have shown an interest in home brewing.  For those that click on it we will have 87 cents. This is very effective and affordable advertising.


Connect with an Email Signature

You need an e-mail signature to help you spread your contact information more than you needed letter head back in the day. You have a combination of physical address, e-mail, phone and social networks.  Every time you send out an e-mail without this information, you are missing an opportunity to spread this information.  In this post we will discuss what you need in the  signature.

  • Your signature can be text, quotes, images and links.
  • Keep it as short as possible.  Combine information on a line with the pipe character.
  • Forget the mailing address, it is not relevant most of the time in e-mails.
  • HTML and graphics are cool but not always displayed.  Consider all text.  Nice comparison here.
  • Avoid multiple numbers and addresses.  Pick your preferred e-mail, phone and web address.
  • Include a call to action.  You can add your own static one or
  • Use  Wisestamp to include your latest tweet or post.
  • If you feel you must use graphics, utilize a service like Wisestamp to ensure you get graphics and formatting in more e-mails.


For me, I’m going with the plain text for now. Keep it simple and work on other items.  I’m starting with the following:

Rod Middleton, Cloud Evangelist at Information Matters | 616.225.9910
Connect with us on [Facebook] * [Twitter]

Latest on the IM Blog: Tips for E-Mail Signatures

Here are the specifics on how to do this with GmailHotmailYahoo.




Facebook Fan Page Changes

Remember all that info about custom tabs and reveal pages on Facebook pages? No! You never learned it?  Well, that may work in your favor.  Facebook is making major changes to pages as they have been for personal profiles.  What’s the difference between a page and a profile?  Please read about it again.   Pages are now taking on many of the features of the profile page including the time line and the cover photo.  Any page can be switched now and all pages must be switched by March 30th.

You can see the slick video at Facebook.

A summary of the changes to pages:
Cover Photo – Like the personal page, can now have one large picture accross the top of the page. Here are some examples
Friend Activity – show activities of visitors friends or just their friends.
Larger Stories and Ads – There is more space for the stories you have posted because of the change in the layout.
Pinned Posts - can keep posts at the top of the page for up to seven days.
Admin Tools - a new panel and log for administrative functions.

We will have our page changed shortly along with some tips.  No, we were not part of the facebook preview program!



Use Hootsuite To Track Social Media

If you are going to use social media, you should track it as you would any marketing effort. One very effective tool for small business owners is Hootsuite. You should use it because:

1. You can View multiple accounts and sources. You can have a personal twitter, company twitter and company facebook. Post and read from any of them.

2. Makes it possible to track your results accross networks to know if you are having any kind of impact.

3. You can schedule your messages. If you get inspired and wright several posts you can schedule them out over a few days.

4. It is free or not cost. We get a lot of value from the free account.

5. It is very easy and quick to use.

6. There is an app for all the devices that matter.


Value of Social Media Users

It is  interesting that in a large number of homes people are seeing social ads while they watch TV. This levels the playing field for small businesses. While someone ignores an expensive ad purchased for TV by a large car company, your little social ad catches their eye. There is a reason Nielson is measuring these views now as well as TV ads.

You can see full article here:



Four Little Used Facebook Marketing Tactics

There are many ways to market your website and business with social media.  Many are pretty common such as like buttons and adding your facebook link to your webpage etc .  Others are more obscure and just as important.  We are linked to a post that talks about four different items.

Use Insights to Gain Metrics.  Just as we need to know the traffic for our website, we need to know how people are using our Facebook page AND our website.  You can find out how people are sharing from your website.

Allow Facebook Comments on your regular website.  This gives a lot more visability to your website.  A simple like can be hidden in the large amount of  information on Facebook.  A comment can really standout.

Keep track of local business listings.  These are automaticly created by facebook and others can edit them. You should as well for obvious reasons.

The last item in the post is about Facebook boxes showing friends which is fairly common.

An excellent article you can read more about at


Utilizing Twitter for Business Marketing

While many business people are just beginning to understand the value of Facebook as a marketing tool, most still dismiss twitter. This is a mistake for many reasons.  Twitter is growing at an amazing pace which you can read about here.  It is very much connected to rocket like growth of mobile web.  In short, it is not going way,  it is growing.

Secondly, utilizing Twitter can be fairly low effort. Publicizing what you are thinking or reading is easy with the correct tools.  You can have facebook posts automaticly tweeted. You can tweet about interesting subjects as you read them to share the knowledge base. You can put buttons on your website and blog to let others tweet about your content or products.  You can include a window of your tweets on your site to give it a more interactive feel.

Connecting twitter to your Facebook, blog and website are no brainer ways of creating more traffic on all of your sites and since it takes very little effort, why not do it. For more tips on how it can help with your business, read this article.



Facebook Launches Deals to Rival Groupon and Social Media

In what could be a complete turn over in the social discount arena, Facebook is launching their Deals program in five cities overnight.  This will be combined with check-ins which can get you bigger discounts and a virtual currency.  You check in with more people, you get a bigger discount.  For businesses it will be better than the current Groupon and Living Social because they will not have to pay for the discounts to Facebook and Facebook will be able to provide marketing information.  Of course there are concerns here about a new currency and more information sharing but seems to be the price paid for more social and mobile services.   More in the attached article from ReadWriteWeb.




Convert Your Facebook Profile Page

I’ve written previously about why you need a fan page for your business and not a profile page.  You can read more about that here and elsewhere.  The great news is that you can now convert your page. There are a few catches but it is worth it.  Read all about it sMedio.



7 Things To Know About The Facebook Page Changes from Social Fresh on Vimeo.