Convert Your Facebook Profile Page

I’ve written previously about why you need a fan page for your business and not a profile page.  You can read more about that here and elsewhere.  The great news is that you can now convert your page. There are a few catches but it is worth it.  Read all about it sMedio.


Business Facebook Fan Pages

Should You Use Facebook?

Facebook is over a half a billion users and growing. Sure they are not all active but what if 25% of them are using it?  Facebook is adding deals, expanding ads and starting locality type applications. Ignore it at your peril. Of course it isn’t for all businesses but if you market to individuals, it is likely for you.

Create a Facebook Page

Profiles are for individuals and Facebook has rules about using them for other things.  Another issue with profiles is that people you might do business with don’t want to share their Facebook life with you. Group pages are also a bad choice for most businesses as they are used for things similar to clubs.  Groups are an extension of you so when you post to a group, it comes from you rather than the organization. Groups are also not indexed by search engines.  But wait, I already have a profile for my business. No problem. You can contact these people and tell them how much you have progressed and ask them to like your new page.  If you convinced them to be friends, liking will be easy.  Get a PAGE!

How to Create a Page

You create the page from your Facebook account. Don’t worry about it being your own profile account. You are not identified  on the page.  Pick a good title because you cannot change it later on.  You can also give your page its own name like but only after you have 25 friends.  You may also have several people manage a page. This makes it easier to maintain your page and promote it.

Engage Customers

Customers should be able to interact with you.  Allow them to like items on your site.  Give them a tab to make reviews. If you are confident of your product, let them discuss it on your site. Publicize events and post photos. Encourage a few friends or loyal customers to write a review to give your page a used feel.

Link and Repurpose

You need to get your Facebook icon on your website, your blog and your e-mail signature.  But that is not enough.  You need content before you drive users to your site. Content is still king and you need to use it everywhere but you need to repurpose it unless you have a whole team of writers and content creators.  Pick items of use to your customers and something you should know something about and write about them. Do your research. Write a concise article and write it like a blog. If you want to get people to your website or blog, post a teaser or link in Facebook so they are taken to the blog.  At the same time, add Facebook, Twitter and other social media links to each of your blog posts so readers can easily share them.  If you are lucky it becomes somewhat viral.

Official Facebook Page Page: